5. Darth Vader Dadsoren-astrup-jorgensen-119268

“The future is made up of moments, and every moment is an opportunity.”

4. 31U: Robpablo (37)

“Those struggling with depression are often tempted to give up, so as a supporter, it’s crucial to make it continuously clear that you won’t.”

3. Mr Moms Or Good Dads?pexels-photo-167300

“There is a heavy amount of pressure placed on men to be the sole breadwinners of the family, and when that expectation is not met, the sense of ‘failure’ leads a man deeper into darkness.”

2. Are We Just Talking About Talking About Mental Illness?mitchel-lensink-220106

“If I can’t use this project to inspire (even in myself) face-to-face conversation about men with mental illness, then what is this blog even for?”

1. Are You Man Enough?man-gym-muscle-fitness-38908

“A man should show his weaknesses, depend on community, and humble himself by thinking of others first.”


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