Featured Resource: HavingTime.com


“Advancing your knowledge is never an issue. Whereas applying it, is a lot more problematic, specifically, when we think about just how little time we get during our forever-busy days to pause, take a deep breath, and just let yourself be.”

HavingTime.com is an online storytelling magazine catered specifically for the modern lifestyle. It provides a library of thoughts, a chest of inspiration, and a world of relevant stories, all just a click away in a sleek and convenient format. The website’s design allows for quick reads and doses of perspective for the little breaks throughout a busy day.

Based out of London, it is fueled by a core team that facilitates a sense of community throughout the globe. Contributors represent a variety of countries, perspectives, and approaches while coming together to provide a myriad of applicable and thought-provoking articles. HavingTime welcomes anyone to submit a piece, embodying the heart of the project which is to inspire and encourage. “Everyone is a story, waiting to be told…and stories have always been the heartbeat of humanity,” they say on their site. For consistent contributions, they rely on Top Storytellers, a team of well-versed and prolific writers of whom I am honored to be one.

All in all, HavingTime.com is a superb resource for fresh thought, doses of wisdom, or a gentle nudges of inspiration. In the hectic nature of life in 2017, when you’re stuck inside and need a breath of fresh air, inhale the refreshing insight found in HavingTime.

To read my contributions at HavingTime, click here!


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