5 Better Things To Be Than Just An Artist

This is an article featured on HavingTime.com. Here is an excerpt: 

“Are you a musician?” I asked the teenager across the merch table. I had been touring as an independent folk musician. He enjoyed the show and was kind enough to tell me.

“…Not really,” he responded.

“Do you play music?”

“Yeah…I mean – I guess,” he shrugged, “Guitar and piano.”

I cracked a smile when I heard. “Well then, it sounds like you’re a musician.”

Creative work is too often seen as a result of magical powers bubbling from deep within a single person. It is perceived to be a divine vocation entrusted only to a selected few like the Queen of Creativity dubbing knights. Yes, you might think, I paint, but I’m not an painter.  I play music, but I wouldn’t call myself a musician. But if “the muse honors the working stiff” (Steven Pressfield, The War Of Art), then being creative is not a result of giftedness as much as it is one of hard work. Perhaps the title, artist, has become too burdensome with internal and self-evaluative pressure. Stop thinking of creativity as an inherent attribute you either have or don’t have. Stop trying to attain the impossible standards of being an artist in the romantic sense of the word. Here are five better things to be.




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