Featured Resource: DrugRehab.com


Mental illness and substance abuse can, at times, be so intertwined that it is difficult to identify which came first. It’s the age-old chicken-and-egg debate.

Think of the relationship between the two as comparable to a hole and shovel. A man can be genetically predisposed to mental illness, starting in a hole of difficulty with only the shovel of substance abuse to cling for comfort. The shovel can sometimes be held as a weapon which provides a false sense of comfort, safety, and security. More often than not, it is used to merely dig deeper. Other times, a man starts with the shovel and, for whatever reason, digs himself into the darkness of depression and anxiety. No matter how he starts, deeper and deeper he goes until he gazes at the sunshine through the tunnel above as if it were a star representing a hope too distant to touch. The prospect of getting out alive is overwhelming.

Journeying back to health from an addiction is a lifelong experience of learning and readapting. Certainly, putting the shovel down isn’t the single step to recovery, but stopping the dig is an essential start. When we let go of what is killing us, we can grab hold of what can truly save us. DrugRehab.com tosses a rope for people in the pit of substance abuse, and bids them take hold. In their own words:

“Our mission is to equip patients and families with the best information, resources and tools to overcome addiction and pursue lifelong recovery. We are here to help you or your loved one every step of the way.”

The website contains a massive library of resources, but everything roots back to one of their three foundational approaches: Therapeutic Learning, Cognitive Healing, and Medication Assistance. Through these approaches, DrugRehab.com is able to not only let down a rope, but climb into the dark holes of people’s lives. They are able to educate, equip, and encourage every step of the way for both the struggler and supporter.

Often, when in the pit of mental illness clinging onto substance abuse, it can feel like your humanity has deserted you. In the darkness, you forget who you are, and are weighed down by the pain you have caused your family and friends. Maybe you even feel like a monster. What you need to do is stop digging, and then grasp onto the assistance of people who care and have the means of serving you in the most appropriate manner. DrugRehab.com remembers your humanity, cares for you as a person, and knows the way to freedom. Grab hold of the rope.

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