Tomorrow, I will be posting Dadding Depressed‘s 30th post! Before I get into that, here are May’s top 5 most-clicked posts. Share your favorite!

5. Jimmy Kimmel Gets Real GTY-Jimmy-Kimmel-hb-170502_16x9_992

“Too many men are trapped like this, excusing their symptoms and downplaying the potential benefits of a doctor or counselor.”

4. Quick Tip: Love Box people-vintage-photo-memories

“Stashed away in the secrets of my closet is a Love Box. And, no, it’s not my collection of sex toys…”

3. Pick Up The Phone pavan-trikutam-1660

“Committing to depth, meaning, and intentionality in relationships is hard because life is hard. It’s not always paintball war bachelor parties, beers, and “you aiight, bruh? Cool cool.” It’s crying with one another, being honest even when it stings, and carrying each other’s burdens.”

2. Yes, Dads, Your Baby Is A Human IMG_4175 2

“Fellow dads, live in the moment; embrace it and let it be fueled by foresight. Just like college, fatherhood is an investment. Invest well.”

1. 31U: Lindsey pablo (15)

“Mental illness in a marriage affects both spouses.”


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