Featured Resource: What’sMyM3

What’sMyM3 (Web, iOS, Android)

Doubtful of my own results, I asked my friend to take the test as well. He got an 18. I got a 78.

What’sMyM3 is an app/website that offers a thirty question self-exam helping to identify and track mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. It is simple and straightforward but I have found it to be an incredibly helpful resource. Here’s why:

It helped me to see my actual need for doctoral help. The results give a number. If the user scores higher than 30, What’sMyM3 recommends consulting a doctor.

Every personal step towards a healthier mental state has been a chore for me. I drag my feet reluctantly, in denial, and whining. Finding What’sMyM3 helped me to pick up my feet and skip a bit quicker towards professional help. The developers even suggest showing the results to your doctor when going in for a check-up. Having my results with me was a relieving resource to bring to a nerve-wracking appointment.

What’sMyM3 tracks your results history so I started taking the test on the same day each week. For the most part my numbers stayed the same, but eventually I noticed them inching toward healthier results. It was encouraging to be able to see the progress I was making, even in numerical form. The questions also helped to reflect on the previous week in a more intentional manner.

Consistently tracking my results equipped me to better evaluate what strategies were working and which ones weren’t in my battle through mental illness. I could start to sift through the many resources available.

What’sMyM3 is simple and straightforward but it is a top-notch resource for those in darkness.

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