A Dog, A Toddler, And A Baby On The Way: Where’s The Time For Me?

Whether you're an introvert like me, an exhausted parent or just a busy person, time alone is essential for survival and important for mental health. As familial obligations evolve and house projects fill a growing list, recharging time gets benched from the priority list. We are left with the question, how does someone find a slice of time when loved ones and vital projects are eating it all up?


How To Talk About Men, Mental Health, And Masturbation

“Every guy has done it,” was the whispering truth I grew up hearing, but the only times it was talked about was between pubescent peers too horny and immature to speak responsibly. Having hushed the topic, many men learn to confide in the act secretively as they fight to mask deeper issues beneath a temporal pleasure.

Being Known, How To Clean Your Butt, And The Role Of Mental Illness In Mass Shootings

Wow. That picture is random. Well, so is this post. It feels like my job is to be an internet sponge. I soak up what’s going on in the world and then squeeze it out through my craft. As I work throughout the week, I stumble upon many valuable resources that don’t always find a home in a blog post. So, here are a few of my favorite ones that I’ve found lately.