How To Be Intimate With Your Buddies

Why are we Westerners so quick to pull the trigger on the gay-dar? Is our toxic homophobia robbing us of beneficial brotherly affection and healthy male intimacy? What are we missing out on as hopelessly independent macho men?


Dadding Depressed Is A Year Old Today!

I've loved writing this blog, and I'm eager to see how Dadding Depressed develops throughout its second year. But, to be honest, while the community, the numbers, and even the people who share their stories with me are awesome, none of that is my goal. There is someone else for whom I write, and I can only hope that Dadding Depressed might reach him.

I Wanted To Be Independent Until I Was All Alone

We drove for seven hours before hitting the rain. Three more to go and it was a downpour. Lightning cut the sky while silence in place of thunder instilled an eerie anxiety. The clouds were thick, bulging with a vengeance, and the dark was malicious. Isaiah snored in his car seat while Lindsey sat next…